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Main Products



Our eggs are from Chickens, Ducks and Geese, all raised Organically, on Pastures + Free Range and fed Organic grains, bugs, worms and vegetables year round! 


Homemade Canned Goods

Sauces, Pickles and Jellies made from our produce grown on the farm.


Seasonal Vegetables

List of our Vegetables below!


Green Garlic

Baby Green Garlic now available.

Product List

Fresh Vegetables - Seasonal

Spinach $4 per bag
Mixed Lettuce $4 per bag
Spinach + Mixed Lettuce $4 per bag
Salad Mix (w/ lettuces, spinach, baby kale, mizuma, greens) $4 per bag
Pea Shoots $4 per bag
Green Garlic (baby garlic) $3 per bunch
Chives (regular + garlic chives) $3 per bunch
Lovage $3 per bunch
Ramps $5 per bunch (Limited)
Baby Kale $4 per bag

Hotsauces, small + large

$7 + $10

Holy Mole (Mild)
Poblano (Mild - Moderate)
Cherry Bomb (Very Hot)
Jalapeno (Very Hot)
Habanero (Extremely Hot)
Ghost (Super Hot) - small $10

Tomatillo Salsa

$ 7.50 ea

Tomatillos grown fresh on the Farm


$7.00 ea

Bread & Butter
Dill Pickles 

Pepper Jellies

$ 8.00 ea

Sweet Pepper Jelly(No heat)
Shishito Pepper Jelly (Mild)
Poblano Pepper Jelly (Med)
Peach Sugar Rush Jelly (Med -Hot)
Jalapeno Pepper Jelly (Hot)
Habanero Pepper Jelly (Very Hot)

Other Products - Hand made by Farmer Sue

Face Mask W\Ties  $5.00 ea

Cloth Market Shopping Bags (large + sturdy) $20.00 ea

To place an order, please fill out contact form below or email:

For online payments, ask for a invoice that can be
sent from "Square Invoicing."

Payments can be paid by credit or debit to "Square,"
or by Cash or Check during deliveries and pick-ups.
(For Cash - NO change can be made, at the Farmers Markets)

Deliveries will be made on Thursdays to greater Burlington area and at the "Stowe Farmers Market" on Sunday for Stowe/Moorisville area.  
Pickups on the Farm can be arranged by phone or email.


Enter your requested order, questions,
or comments in the Message area, below.